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curb your enfoodiasm

Curbside Pivot | Integrated curbside pickup system

desperate times… tasty measures.

Curbside Pivot is the worlds first integrated curbside ordering and pickup system, built by owners, for owners. It re-imagines your dine-in experience as a take-home atmosphere providing an easy, seamless way for you to adapt with current times.  In other words… Together, we’re gonna make take-out awesome.

how it works

the order

Guests order your take out experience online, seamlessly integrated into your existing site.

the pickup

Guests arrive at your custom “curbside booth” with an order number in their window and pop their trunk.

the experience

Your staff brings out their order, pops it in and off they go! Safe, contactless, easy…

everything you need

online ordering system

A simple, easy to use ordering system that integrates seemlessly into your existing website. Manage menu, stock, order times & customer details, stagger rush order, add mods all from one central location.

the curbside booth

We’ll ship ya out a free branded Curbside booth to put on the street, Providing Safe, Secure and Contactless service from order to pickup*.

*Available in GTA, Canada

a curated experience

Work with leading immersive art group, Tusq, to re-create a full dining experience. Get your first 3 kits designed for free!

what it costs

At less than half the leading delivery system, or online ordering system charges 10% + Transaction fee. You can choose to pass that on to customers, split it or take it off your bottom line. In short, you’ve got control

Curbside Booth: FREE
3 Experience Packs: FREE
Online System: 0-10% Scale

why curbside pivot?

safer, better, funner

You already operate at regulated hygiene standards, Curbside Pivot allows maximum control of cleanliness and distancing. A contactless system from start to finish, no more worrying about whose been in the car of a delivery driver!

maximize your cash

No upfront costs and the lowest transaction fees in the industry (10%+ Transaction fee) Curbside Pivot keeps puts more money into your pockets, allowing you to keep staff more, grow customers and thrive in uneasy times

cause we love you

As fellow owners, we know how crazy these times are. We’re just here to get ya online and moving as quick as we can

who we are

Curbside Pivot was created by by owners, for owners. In other words… we ain’t a corporate giant just tryin’ to make a buck. We’re committed to you do doing what you do best… making awesome moments happen.

go curbside

Current Launch Dates
March 25th: Hamilton (Canada)
March 30th: GTA (Canada)
April 6th: TBC

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